Ayurveda in Quarantine

How are you feeling nine weeks into our stay at home order? For me, each week of quarantine has brought a different emotion to shore. This is not easy. There is so much that is genuinely out of our control that it is difficult to not feel small, overwhelmed, anxious and uncertain. What’s important is to focus on the small choices we can make everyday to keep ourselves grounded and healthy. It is important to redirect our awareness to the things that ARE in our control.


One of the cornerstones of an Ayurvedic lifestyle is making a daily-self care routine, or dinacharya, a non-negotiable healthy habit. Revisiting this personalized practice day after day provides stability, something that you can count on everyday to be consistent. Dinacharya can look a little different for each person. It can even change up a little bit as the seasons change, but building a daily personalized self- care routine gives you something you can rely on to be the same everyday, no matter what. It’s a ritual that belongs YOU.


Here are some Ayurvedic habits that you might find supportive to add into your self-care routine while we’re social distancing:


Emotional diet

We imbibe through all of our senses and because of this we are digesting way more than just the foods we eat. It’s easy to get carried away on the endless stream tv and social media. Be mindful of what you are consuming through your eyes and ears. Give yourself time away from the screen, the news, everything and unplug. We are collectively experiencing a trauma! Disconnect at least thirty minutes before bed. Rest will help you digest the heaviness that you are experiencing.


Move your body

Break a light sweat and get your heart pumping everyday. Get moving in the morning if you can to help boost your mood and give you sustainable energy for the day. There are so many inspiring teachers and kick ass workouts streaming online that weren’t accessible to you in this way until recently. Try something new! If that doesn’t work for you, sun salutations! Dr Lad says to do as many as your age — up for the challenge?


Eat on a schedule

Try to eat three warm meals a day at approximately the same time. This is a great way to strengthen agni (digestive fire). Strong digestion supports immunity! Only eat when you feel hungry. 


Lighten up

Comfort foods tend to be heavy, dense and creamy. Rich foods will weigh you down and contribute to any lethargy you might be experiencing right now. Stick to light, cooked, easily digested meals. Most of us are relying on frozen or canned foods to get us through quarantine — do your best to add something fresh to each meal.


Fourth Chakra Work

Show your support for our local healthcare workers by cheering at 7pm each night. Make sandwiches and offer them to the homeless shelter. Donate to local charities. Support small local businesses by ordering take out, purchasing a class pack or gift card. There are so many ways that we can fortify our connectedness by simply showing that we are here for each other and that we CARE. If you’re struggling to manage depression and grief, try resting in supta baddha konasana, or reclined goddess pose for ten minutes.


I can’t wait until we can all connect in person again. Man, will it be a party! 




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