Join Lindsey for three weekly classes live from the Prana Parlor! 


Online Yoga Class Schedule

Can’t tune in to class live? Registration for each class includes a week-long replay link!


Prana Parlor Flow (Level 2)

75 minutes

Always fresh, always fun. Prana Parlor Flow is an uplifting and introspective vinyasa practice designed to ascend the busyness of the mind and get you deeply connected to yourSelf. Lindsey’s signature class includes deliberate sequencing, playful movement and complex transitions with yogic & ayurvedic wisdom sprinkled throughout!

This class is recommended for practitioners Level 2 and up. (You have an understanding of the foundational poses and transitional movements of a vinyasa class). 

Prana Parlor Flow (Level ½)

60 minutes

Lindsey’s signature vinyasa flow with the challenge turned down a bit. Move at a steady pace toward inner stillness in this dynamic, well-rounded practice that includes just enough sweat, flow and rest. 

Slow Flow 

60 minutes

Ease into meditative movement in this juicy slowed down vinyasa class. This practice uses a steady and grounded pace to create space from the inside out. Whether you’re new to yoga or an advanced practitioner, this class cultivates a deep mind/body connection leaving you feeling grounded, embodied and present.

Private Yoga Sessions

Does taking a yoga class in a studio intimidate you? Have you been dabbling in online yoga classes and wondering if you’re “doing it right”? Are you looking to advance or develop your yoga practice?

In a private session with Lindsey, you’ll have the dedicated attention of an experienced yoga teacher who will understand your personal needs and design a practice that will support you in reaching your specific goals. Lindsey is dedicated to ensuring that:

  • You are completely comfortable and find the yoga that works for you

  • No matter your age, weight, mobility or experience level, you find the asanas (yoga poses) that are best for your body

  • You get the individualized attention that you can’t get in a group class

  • You practice in an encouraging, non-judgmental atmosphere

  • You experience the benefits of a consistent yoga practice and how it can improve your quality of life


My teaching style is light-hearted, compassionate, and intuitive. Yoga is not a one-size-fits all practice! My goal is to maintain a fluid balance between spontaneity and adaptability to ensure that all students feel comfortable, safe and happy on the mat.

I teach from my own personal practice and self-exploration. My yoga classes are designed to quiet the mind and awaken the heart. I offer a powerful energetic flow using playful movement with a huge emphasis on breath and mindfulness. I draw on my Ayurveda background to offer students an upbeat approach to balance. Each class includes a few thoughts, inspired music and just enough sweat, flow and rest.

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