Prana Parlor Manifesto

Conscious living through the Ayurvedic blueprint

The Prana Parlor is a sacred space for seekers of balance, inspiration, & good vibes. We’re here to document the practice of a simple philosophy: mindful self-care.

We are all capable of crazy happiness, vibrant health, deep love, and achieving big goals! But first, we’ve got to work on self-connection. With a deeper self-awareness, we are able to cultivate a broadened understanding of how we can awaken the liveliness in our hearts and find our own perfect balance.
The Prana Parlor is here to ignite your curiosity to know yourself better and help you find your truth. With the ancient practices of YOGA and AYURVEDA as our foundation, our intention is to educate, inspire, and provide resources that empower you to take care of yourself!

Right, But what the heck is Prana?

Prana is defined as vital life force. We imbibe prana through our breath and the foods we eat. It is the electricity of life that revitalizes and moves our bodies and minds. Healthy reserves of prana allow us to feel present, clear, and calm. Cool, right? The Prana Parlor is a place to work on that together.

The Prana Parlor Philosophy

Celebration of Individuality

We each have our own unique thumbprint, so it’s impossible to have just one single approach to healthy balance. We all have brilliant differences and it’s time to not only to work with them, but to embrace and celebrate them! Shameless, authentic self-expression is a huge part of uncovering your true point of balance. When you live your truth and invest in self-care, you give others the courage to live more harmoniously in their own skin too.


Community is the guru. We all have something special to offer and each one of us has our own story. We want to learn what you can teach us and we want to share with you the good stuff we’ve got too.  Our hope is that we’ll swap stories and share our experiences with each other. Collectively, when we breathe together, think together, we can do big things – bigger things.

Food is Medicine

We are what we eat… and how we eat it… and when we eat it. The foods we choose deeply affect the nourishment we give to our bodies and minds. Eating is a visual, tactile experience, a ritual. It should never be mindless. In the Prana Parlor, we emphasize the importance of delicious, healing foods to promote overall well-being, but we also acknowledge that sometimes that includes champagne and chocolate.

Wellness > Fitness

“Being well” encompasses so much more than “being fit”. Remember those candies, Gobstoppers? We’re just like gobstoppers: many layers, many flavors. We can’t just work with the outermost layer and be done. We have to spend time with everything that lies beneath to uncover our true potential. Wellness is all about conscious movement, mindful choices, aligning with seasonal rhythms, and self-care. It comes from within.

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