The momentum of life can pull us off center. Trying to squeeze in a daily meditation, yoga class and a healthy clean diet can often end up creating more stress. 

We are here to help YOGA and AYURVEDA fit into and translate to your modern lifestyle.

The Prana Parlor was founded by Lindsey Rozmes in 2014. Over the years, she realized that while people are curious and excited about the practices of wellness, they are also busy and  enjoy indulging in cocktails, fashion and fancy vacations. Wholeness and balance can only happen if we embrace it all.

You don’t need to overhaul your life in order to make the tools of YOGA and AYURVEDA work for you. We want to make these practices accessible and help you fit them in alongside your real life.

We are pleased to offer in-home private yoga instruction and online lifestyle programs to professionals and parents trying to do it all. Our intention is to educate and empower you to use your yoga practice and the technique of conscious living to experience more ease, presence and focus.




What is Ayurveda ?

Ayurveda, which translates to “knowledge of life”, is an ancient body of wisdom that works with one’s unique elemental nature to create balance and wholeness. It is a lifestyle practice that can helps us heal ourselves through conscious living. The goal of Ayurveda is to both promote longevity by “adding years to life and life to years”. Although Ayurveda has existed for centuries, it’s tools are still both relevant and accessible today!

Ayurveda teaches us that health and wellbeing can be achieved through balancing ourselves with the rhythms of nature.


Interested in how Ayurveda can support your health and well being? Curious to learn which dosha is most prominent in your constitution? Looking for ways to improve digestion and boost your energy? A personal consultation is the best way to get the framework that will work best for YOU.

Together, we’ll examine your health history and daily routine to uncover your current imbalances and time constraints. Using the tools of Ayurveda (diet, exercise, lifestyle practices, yoga, meditation, herbs, essential oils, etc.), I’ll design for you a customized plan to start you on your journey to balance and self-care.

“It is as difficult to explain Prana as it is to explain God. Prana is the energy permeating the universe at all levels. It is physical, mental, intellectual, sexual, spiritual and cosmic energy. All vibrating energies are prana. All physical energies such as heat, light, gravity, magnetism and electricity are also prana. It is the hidden or potential energy in all beings, released to the fullest extent in times of danger. it is the prime mover of all activity. it is energy which creates, protects and destroys. Vigour, power, vitality, life an spirit are all forms of prana.”


Yoga is so much more than a workout that can improve balance, strength and flexibility. My teacher says, “Many people come to yoga thinking they will learn how to stand on their head, but they really learn how to stand on their own two feet”.

Here are some cool benefits you’ll see from a regular yoga practice :

  • Long and lean muscles
  • Relief from aches and pains
  • A healty glow
  • Organs that function as they should
  • Less Fat


Hi, I’m Lindsey —  yoga teacher and founder of Prana Parlor, a company created with the intention of teaching you how to tailor and translate the practices of YOGA and AYURVEDA to your modern lifestyle. I am equally enthused by yoga and the practices of wellness as I am by good wine and good music.

As a yoga educator, I have had the honor of leading yoga teacher trainings and mentoring new yoga teachers. This corner of my professional life has brought me so much joy. I am personally invested in my students and I bring all of myself to each and every class I teach. While I am skilled at designing thoughtful vinyasa classes and making the practice accessible to beginners, asana is simply a tool for gaining the clarity necessary to heal and experience wholeness. Ultimately, my role as your teacher is to create a loving, safe container for you to heal, to learn, to evolve.




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